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Drijver Goalie Camp

Drijver Goalie Camp

The very best goalies train with him…. Martijn Drijver. During the SportWays Drijver Goalie Camp, Martijn and his team show you the importance of having great goalie skills. After all, as a goalie, you are the last person who can stop that ball! During this camp, train with goalies who have stopped many, many balls themselves!

Drijver Goalie Camp


The skills of a goalie are crucial to a successful team. Our Drijver Goalie Camps have been specially developed to optimally test, utilise and improve your skills as a keeper. Together with goalie guru Martijn Drijver and his team you can tune up your techniques, tactics, speed and reflexes through an intensive training programme with plenty of personal attention. Learn how to dive and fall athletically, improve hand-eye coordination and face our footwork drills. Give all your skills an upgrade! During our Goalie Camps, you will take part in sessions with goalies from all over the world. Put your newly-improved skills straight into practice during the exciting matches played every day in the tournament. Your contribution is unmissable... For all the goalie heroes of tomorrow: rise to today’s challenge and have the week of your life!

But there’s more …

Are you a goalie who can’t miss hockey a whole summer long, but is not necessarily looking for a very intensive camp? Why not join one of our Top Hockey Camps, Specials or the hockey camp in Barcelona? Goalies are more than welcome to one of these camps too! You can enjoy some full-on training and clinics from special goalie trainers. And can show all your skills in goal when the field players are training. Go for Social Madness, get muddy during the SportWays Muddy Survival event and be the hero of your camp team during the challenging tournament!

What can you expect?
Every SportWays Camp is unique. A few pointers you will definitely experience during your stay at a Drijver Goalie Camp:

  • The best dedicated Goalie Camps for more than 25 years
  • Camp with 30-40 international goalies
  • Personal coaching
  • Small training groups (1 trainer:4 goalies)
  • Combined with camps for field players
  • Combi-clinics with field players

Drijver Goalie Camps

Goalies are amazing people!

10 to 16 years
Price: € 650,00
15 to 18 years
Price: € 845,00
12 to 15 years
Price: € 805,00
14 to 18 years
Price: € 805,00
10 to 16 years
Price: € 715,00