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Elite Hockey Camp

Elite Hockey Camp

The Elite Hockey Camp and the Elite Prep Hockey Camps are intended for players who already have a high ability level. The Elite Hockey Camp is exclusively for hockey players who play at the highest national level, represent their district or county, or play in a national (youth) team. The Elite Prep Hockey Camps are perfect for players who aspire to play at the highest possible level.
Attn: Is this your first SportWays hockey camp? We recommend you take part in an Elite Prep Hockey Camp or a Top Hockey Camp.

Good to know: The Elite Hockey Camp is for players who train around five times a week at the highest national level, or represent their district or play in a national youth team. Experience from past Elite Hockey Camps has shown that players who are not at this level will have a less enjoyable experience, as the camp is comparable to a national training camp and is physically very intensive and challenging. The programme at the Elite Prep Hockey Camps is less intensive and will prepare you perfectly for the next level: the Elite Hockey Camp.

Elite Hockey Camp


Are you the hockey player that lives, breathes and sleeps the most beautiful sport in the world at the highest level? With the winning mentality of an elite athlete and on that pitch every possible moment of the day? We set the bar high at our Elite Hockey Camps and expect you to rise to the ultimate challenge. The purpose of this intensive camp is to make you even better, to help you make your dream — playing in the national team — a reality. Workshops, tactical sessions and video analyses give you the tools to sharpen your skills and improve. Using themes such as vision & grip, basic stance, and body posture. Internationals will train you to enhance your playing abilities, mental resilience, physical posture, ball control, agility, and speed.

Techniques from world hockey

Development in hockey never stops, so adaptability in players is crucial. The training system at the Elite Hockey Camp involves ‘no drilling but shaping’. It uses experimental exercises, neuro-training, and small-sided speed games.

What do we expect from you at an Elite Prep Hockey Camp?

  • You aspire to play at the highest level
  • You have previous experience at a Top Hockey Camp and are ready for more
  • You are used to medium intensity physical training

What do we expect from you at an Elite Hockey Camp?

  • You play at the highest level (district or national (youth) team)
  • You train and play 4 or 5 times a week at this level
  • You are used to high intensity physical training

Elite Hockey Camps

Aim for the ultimate!

15 to 18 years
Price: € 845,00
12 to 15 years
Price: € 805,00
14 to 18 years
Price: € 805,00