Amsterdam 3. Top Hockey Camp 2023 | SportWays

Amsterdam 3. Top Hockey Camp 2023

16 July to 22 July

Our Top Hockey Camps revolve around hockey and advancing your skills. During this camp, the focus is on top level hockey programmes, boosted by workshops, tactical sessions and demos by the adidas three stripes Demo Team, that showcase their best skills for you to learn from. During the clinics, it’s time for you to get to grips with learning and practising the latest techniques, supervised by top trainers. You will experience experimental training tactics and train your capacity to adapt: the level of learning at a Top Hockey Camp is unparalleled. We can promise that the hockey skills you learn at this camp will give a tremendous impulse to your playing level next season!

What can you expect?
Every SportWays Camp is unique. A few pointers you will definitely experience during your stay at a Top Hockey Camp:

  • New hockey programme
  • For fanatic players and goalies!
  • Suitable for all levels
  • International participants
  • Inspiring workshops and clinics
  • Video analysis
  • Challenging tournament
  • Demo by adidas three stripes Demo Team
  • SportWays Muddy Survival

The spoken language during training is English.

from July 16th 2023, 12.30 hrs
to July 22nd 2023, 13.00 hrs

10 to 16 years
For players and goalies

AH&BC, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

€ 715,-
This price includes overnight stay, food, drinks, snacks and the SportWays adidas T-shirt

The ultimate hockey experience Always a fit for you!
At SportWays we offer a range of hockey camps, so there is always one that suits you! Our camps have been developed for passionate hockey players and goalies from all over the world. Hockey lovers who aim to further their skills during a challenging week packed with hockey activities and fun. Players and goalkeepers train in small groups at their own level of ability, so the camp is always a challenge for every participant. After a week spent enjoying a SportWays camp, you will go home with a whole host of new hockey skills, plenty of new friends and an unforgettable experience!

All our camps are about the full-on hockey experience. After all, you are attending a sport camp, so lots of attention is devoted to hockey and of course, you personally. You will spend at least five hours a day on the hockey pitch, but we plan in plenty of breaks to allow you a chance to relax and recharge your energy.

Our range
Not all our hockey camps have the same focus. For example, our SportWays Specials and Top Camps are always open to all levels of playing ability. If you are joining a SportWays camp for the first time, we advise you to choose one of these camps. During a SportWays Special you will experience the perfect combination of a summer camp and hockey. The focus at a Top Camp is more on in-depth skill learning. Do you already have a high level of playing ability and are you keen to polish your skills? In that case, an Elite Camp is the ideal choice. These camps set high standards and we expect you to match that level. Goalkeepers can choose between a SportWays Special or Top Camp, where you will follow the same programme as the other players. The keepers have a dedicated goalie programme for three or four morning sessions. Can’t get enough of goalie training? Then attend one of the specially developed Drijver Goalie Camps. And finally, if you would love to join a hockey camp with an international flavour, we also offer camps in Antwerp and Barcelona.
From the Airport to the camp side Airport Service
Are you arriving at a SportWays camp by plane or train? We provide an Airport Service and can collect you from the following airports:
Amsterdam (NL)
Brussels (BE)
El Prat,
Barcelona (ES)
Retour Service
(pick up and drop off)
€ 40,- € 65,- € 65,-
Single Service
(pick up and drop off)
€ 30,- € 40,- € 40,-
Please book our Airport Service when you register for the camp of your choice. It is not necessary to state your flight details yet when booking. This service means we will wait for you in your arrivals hall at the airport. We will monitor your flight details continually so we are aware of any changes to your itinerary. Once you have arrived and come through the customs check, you will recognise our staff immediately in the arrivals hall; they will be wearing SportWays outfits and carrying SportWays flags. When you come through the doors, we will help you with your luggage and take you to the camp location by car or in our coach. If you are arriving at the airport by train, we will ensure we are waiting for you at the right time at the right platform. NB: a pick up and/or drop off at a railway station is only possible at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.

If you have booked the airport service for your return journey, we will help you at departure. We will make sure you are at the airport at least 2.5 hours before your scheduled departure time. We will help you check in your luggage and accompany you until you arrive at customs. Before the camp starts we will send you an e-mail containing all the relevant information about the Airport Service.

You can also add the Airport Service to your booking at a later stage. For more details, please contact us at Please send us your flight details by e-mail as soon as you have received them from the airline company.

Airport Assistance
If you are not allowed to fly independently (for example, because of your age), you can book Airport Assistance with the airline company you booked your ticket with. In that case, the airline company needs the details of the person who will meet you on arrival.

Please bare in mind that not every airline offers this service! The details of the person who will meet you are known to us about four to six weeks before the camp starts. We can then provide you with the correct name, passport number, telephone number and address of the SportWays staff member who will be meeting you. This is important as you cannot be met by anyone other than this person. Please note that airlines apply different criteria for Airport Assistance. So always check this in advance, consult your airline and inform us. The staff members who meet you at the airport change every year and differ per camp. Airline companies can send travellers back to their place of departure if the specified person is not the person at the airport. Never assume that this will be the same person as with a previous Airport Service and never enter any personal details of this person without contacting us first!
Arrive well-prepared at camp! What should you pack?
The details of the packing list will be sent to you by e-mail no later than one month before the camp starts. At the intake on the first day of the camp, we will give you some handy things to use during the camp - which of course you get to keep! When you join a Special Camp or a camp in Antwerp or Barcelona, you will receive a unique SportWays T-shirt. If you join a Top Camp or Elite Camp, you will receive an adidas SportWays shirt and a water bottle made by SIMPEL. This bottle is made of biodegradable materials. Our way of reducing our impact on the environment!

It’s important to bring along the following items to every camp:
  • An air bed, we will make sure there are enough electric pumps
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Enough sports clothing
  • A good mouth guard (you can order one, for example, from our partner SPTL)
  • Shin guards
  • For goalies: your complete goalie kit! Looking for new equipment or gear? Check the website of Verbunt
  • Insurance card - good insurance coverage is required when participating in our camps, read more here. For European participants, it is obligatory to have a European Health Insurance Card. Your insurance company will be able to tell you more about it. If you are not a European citizen, you will need a travel insurance with sport coverage.
  • Your identity document (passport)
Make sure all your belongings are clearly marked with your name. To make it easy for you why not order unique stickers printed with your name from Don’t forget to use our special discount code: FB-SPORT-18 for a 20% discount on all their products.
How do we inject the international SportWays vibe in our camps? Around the world
Our camps enjoy a reputation for offering the genuine international SportWays vibe. Players, goalies and highly skilled staff travel from all over the world to the SportWays camps to hone their hockey skills and have an unforgettable time. Together with the other camp participants, you will play an incredibly exciting tournament with an amazing final and during the camp you will sleep at the most fabulous hockey complexes in Europe.

SportWays is hockey without frontiers. Every year, we are active in more than 15 countries over the globe including South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Bermuda and numerous top locations in Europe. Last summer we welcomed participants from more than 30 different countries. International hockey takes on a new dimension at SportWays!
I sincerely believe that sport offers a fantastic opportunity to change the world, to inspire and unite young generations of players that share the passion for hockey. Through hockey, we speak a universal language that everyone understands and connects, hockey learns you to enjoy to train together and play against each other. But most of all, playing hockey gives you this unique opportunity to test yourself mentally, physically and emotionally in a way no other aspect of life can. In my opinion, hockey is the medium through which we learn how to get the best out of ourselves, transcend ourselves and learn how to create friendships for life. Thomas Tichelman — Founder SportWays
Hi! Buenos días! Bonjour!
Due to the international character of our hockey camps, we use two official working languages: English and Dutch. As a high number of international visitors join our camps, we give our instructions in these languages. All the trainers speak English well, so everyone can make themselves understood and every international hockey player will soon feel at home. Do you speak Spanish, French or another language? That’s no problem! We will do our best to find a staff member who speaks your language too. We also take the language you speak into account when assigning the training groups and allocating the tents, so that you can speak your own language as much as possible. We expect participants at our Elite Camps and Barcelona Camp to have a basic level of English.
At which prestigious hockey clubs are our camps organised? Hockey complex transformed SportWays style
Our camps take place at the hockey complexes that belong to our partner clubs. You will stay with your fellow-campers on the site for the whole week. Our staff members are available 24 hours a day. We transform the entire site into a huge, secure SportWays area - largely closed off to outsiders - and ensure that you will soon feel at home! We put up a large and welcoming tent camp with spacious tents, where you will sleep in groups (applies to overnight camps in the Netherlands and Belgium). You can indicate who you would like to share the same tent with before the camp starts. We accommodate a maximum of nine people in one tent and, of course, also take the ages and languages spoken by the participants into account. Boys and girls are always accommodated separately. We try to take all the specific wishes into account when allocating the tents. The facilities at the club house are used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, you can also use all showers and toilet facilities.

AH&BC (Amstelveen, Netherlands)
Our partner club AH&BC – better known as Hockeyclub Amsterdam – is situated at the heart of the wonderful wooded park called the Amsterdamse Bos. This club is the epicentre of Dutch hockey! The five hockey pitches – four of which are water-based pitches– will make all your hockey dreams come true! One of these pitches is in the Wagener Stadium, the venue for the European Championships 2017 and many other memorable, historic matches. This is also the club where the Dutch national team trains! Want to see more of the club? Visit the website of AH&BC.

Hurley (Amstelveen, Netherlands)
Also found in the Amsterdamse Bos is the stunning hockey complex used by our other partner club: THC Hurley. Following major renovation work in 2017, this club now has three water-based pitches and one sand-based pitch. You will be training right at centre of the Amsterdamse Bos - home to three of the biggest hockey clubs in the Netherlands – all next to each other. Want to see more of the club? Visit the website of THC Hurley.

KHC Dragons (Brasschaat, Belgium)
We organise our camps in Belgium at KHC Dragons. This partner club is located at the centre of stunning Brasschaat, in the hockey heart of Flanders. This club is home to the Belgian national champions 2017. Want to see more of the club? Visit the website of KHC Dragons.

Atlètic Terrassa (Terrassa, Spain)
This fabulous location promises everything to make your Spanish hockey adventure a never to be forgotten experience! As well as marvellous hockey pitches, you can take a swim in the outdoor pool, chill out and top up your tan, or play a game of tennis on one of the many courts (don’t forget your racket!) or play a game of padel! A sport complex like Atlètic is of a quality that is unrivalled in Europe. Want to see more of the club? Visit the website of ATHC. At ATHC you will spend the night in the spacious sports hall on the premises. The sports hall is divided into two parts, where boys and girls sleep separately. There are also toilet facilities inside. The dining area is a lovely shaded outdoor terrace, where we eat every day.
Hockey at number one Techniques from world hockey
At a SportWays camp you will play hockey for at least five hours every day. You will follow a unique training programme, which you will not normally be given at your own club or at a hockey school. How do we do this? Every year we develop new hockey programmes during our special SportWays Labs held in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Cape Town. Our team of Technical Directors, together with top trainers and hockey professionals such as Max Caldas, Teun de Nooijer and Thomas Tichelman, create the best programmes combining the latest hockey techniques and insights. For example, we offer innovative hockey clinics from the dynamic world of hockey. You can put these insights into practice during the clinics and the tournament! With 30 years of experience in organising hockey camps, we can safely say that our participants are guaranteed to improve their individual levels of skill and ability.

Top-Notch hockey
During our hockey camps, you will connect with the elite of the hockey world and take to the pitch with international hockey players. Our qualified, experienced supervisors will train you and work with them on improving your hockey techniques. Chances are you will come face-to-face with our SportWays Ambassadors Ginella Zerbo (Dutch national team), Charlotte Vega (former Dutch national team, player AH&BC) and Terrance Pieters (Dutch national team). In recent years, we have worked with Jorrit Croon (youngest Dutch hockey player ever at the Olympic Games), John-John Dohmen (FIH best player of the world 2016), Julia Müller (captain of the German national team), Thomas Briels (captain Belgian national team), Arthur van Doren (FIH best player of the world 2018 and Belgian national team player), Justin Reid-Ross (South African team), Roel Bovendeert (Dutch national team), Austin Smith (South African team, former captain), Teun de Nooijer (two-time Olympic champion, former Dutch national team captain with 453 caps, triple FIH best player of the world and former SportWays coach), Ronald Brouwer (former striker Dutch national team, 220 caps, 80 goals) and many other top players from the hockey world.
There are no secrets to your own ‘Hockey Success’. In the end, it is all about hard work and especially about optimal training and learning experiences. In order to achieve an optimal learning result for each player, we work with the unique Show and Go method. Great hockey coaches are able to inspire, give confidence and never give up to teach you the love for learning. But above all, they give you the best visual examples for the best training experience. The physical demonstrations of top players are essential for us to inspire the young player, but also to build the right movement imaging for optimal learning results. Great examples inspire. Thomas Tichelman — Founder SportWays
The road to victory is uphill
Every day you and your tournament team will be challenged by another team during our tournaments. A Tournament Director will keep a close eye on the rankings and you have your own dedicated coach to discuss the tactics with. The week ends with a spectacular and exciting final including professional umpires, a video umpire, half-time entertainment and of course spectators to cheer your team on to victory!

Depending on the type of camp, you will play a unique SportWays tournament system. At all our Special Camps, Top Camps, Antwerp and Barcelona you will play in teams of five players. This is a fast and intensive competition format where your speed and technical skills will be put to the test. At our Elite Camps a special version is played in teams of eight players. This type of game replicates real life games more closely, but still demands speed and great ball skills.

Where do you spend the night and what does the hockey complex look like? Top locations
Our overnight camps are organised at various locations in Europe. So that you can take part in training sessions and the train on the top class pitches of, for example, hockey club Amsterdam (AH&BC) or Hurley in the Amsterdamse Bos park. The famous Wagener Stadium is just a stone's throw away from these locations. If you register for one of our overnight camps in Antwerp, you will be staying at the fabulous complex at KHC Dragons in Brasschaat. And, if your choice is our Barcelona Camp, your home from home will be the vast sports complex of Atlètic Terrassa Hockey Club.

Sweet dreams in...
At our camps in the Netherlands and Belgium, you will sleep in a spacious but cosy tent. The tents are arranged around the pitches at the club. You can indicate who you would like to share the same tent with before the camp starts. We accommodate a maximum of nine people in one tent and, of course, also take the ages and languages spoken by the participants into account. Boys and girls are always accommodated separately. We try to take all the specific wishes into account when allocating the tents.
Each tent has two tent supervisors who act as your personal wake-up call in the morning and talk through all the ins and outs with you and your tent mates at the end of each day. These supervisors are carefully selected from all the camp staff and assigned by the Supervisor and Camp Manager of your specific week. At night, our ‘night mayors’ will watch over you, and are the go-to contact if you have any questions.

At our Barcelona Camp, you will be sleeping in the spacious sports hall on the site. The sports hall is divided into two parts, where boys and girls sleep separately.

‘Our club house'
Every day, we all eat together in the roomy dining room, which overlooks the hockey pitches at the club. At ATCH, we use a lovely shaded outdoor terrace as our dining area.
All our camps have separate toilet facilities for the participants and the staff. These toilets are accessible to everyone at all times and are cleaned daily. There are also sufficient shower facilities at each hockey club. Two fixed moments to refresh yourself are planned each day: one in the morning after you get up and one before bedtime in the evening.

The Supervisor has his or her own (work) space at the sports complex. You can contact the Supervisor if you have any questions or if you need anything such as a hockey ball or a plaster. The physiotherapist also has a dedicated treatment room.
What can you expect on a typical day at the camp? Every day at hockey camp is different and each camp is unique. For an impression of what to expect, a global daily schedule is shown below. There is a daily schedule at each specific camp and our staff are always happy to give you more information so you know what to expect and when. But we are not giving all the details away– after all we love surprises...

Camp Programme
What about when we aren’t playing hockey? Discover the magic
Hockey is obviously the most important component of a SportWays camp, so the social programme that accompanies the clinics, demos and workshops is always tailored to suit the hockey programme. Our camps all have a unique theme, with a common theme running through the week. After a full day of hockey, our Social Staff really go all the way for the parallel entertainment. These activities are organised in mixed groups so you get to know the other campers you play with or against during the day.

The Social Staff take care of various programmes, such as great social games to encourage the best team spirit and Crazy Water Games. The Social Programme is always designed to complement the hockey programme and suit the participants at the camp. Each type of overnight camp (Special, Top, Elite, Goalies, Antwerp and Barcelona) interprets the camp programme in a different way. We pull out all the stops at our Special Camps and in Antwerp and devise the most fantastic games to take the camp vibe to the max. The emphasis at our Top Camps, Elite Camps and Barcelona is more on serious hockey and the evening programmes feature workshops and training sessions, for example.

Muddy Survival in Amsterdam
If you join one of our camps in Amsterdam, the social programme features the Muddy Survival event. We are the only organisation allowed to use the extensive Amsterdam Bos park for this event. In the morning or afternoon, you and your team come together at the edge of the woods. After a cool group photo, get ready to take the plunge - literally and figuratively! A number of daring challenges will test your teamwork skills and stamina. All of your runs in the summer will be timed, so get those legs moving and sprint to the finish as fast as you can!

An unforgettable closing party!
Oh no. The day we all dread... “The last day of the camp... Tomorrow it’s time to go home.” It goes without saying that we plan to end the week in style. After the last whistle has blown in the final of the tournament and all the camp prizes have been awarded, you can look forward to a fantastic dinner. Everyone dresses up in his or her most spectacular outfit. The music starts and we can dance the night away one more time! Of course, to your favourite camp soundtrack... And during an Elite Hockey Camp, a real sports gala is organised - just like on TV!
What kind of food & drinks can you expect and what dietary requirements do we take into account? All-inclusive catering
A SportWays hockey camp is an all-in week. We provide all meals and (healthy) snacks. We offer a wide choice at every meal and carefully consider the needs of the participants. After a hard day of full-on hockey, you need to recharge your energy! Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, with a choice of bread, yoghurt and muesli/cereals. And, of course, plenty of different spreads such as meat products, cheese, jam, sprinkles, chocolate spread, peanut butter, etc. At lunch, we serve milk and fruit juice, such as apple or orange juice. And as a treat between meals you can enjoy a snack such as fruit or gingerbread.

Our evening meals are hot dinners prepared by a catering service to guarantee good quality. Examples of our evening meals are vegetable-rich pasta, tacos or a hamburger with fries. We serve fresh salads at every meal. We are aware that some countries and cultures have a different diet than what we are used to in the Netherlands. If you are hungry in between meals, then there is always food available. If you want some extra goodies or soft drinks during the camp, there is a shop where you can buy refreshments. This shop is open daily during the hour break.

Other eating patterns and dietary requirements
We naturally take special dietary requirements and allergies, such as gluten allergy and cow's milk allergy, into account. At registration please indicate any special requirements or allergies on the registration form. Please inform the camp supervisors in advance so we can discuss this before the camp starts.
Who are the staff at the camp and what are their tasks?? Highly skilled
We think it is vital that each and every participant is devoted the attention he or she deserves. To achieve this, we have one supervisor per four participants at our camps. As a result, we can provide a high training intensity and the necessary personal attention. Our camps are supervised by carefully selected staff.

Various tasks and positions
These are the different tasks performed under our supervision:
  • Camp Manager - end responsibility for the camp, camp leader for participants and staff and also involved in appointing supervisors
  • Supervisor - confidential counsellor for participants and staff, contact person and first point of contact for parents/guardians, responsible for allocating the tents and Airport Service
  • Technical Director - develops and supervises the hockey programme
  • Domestic - in charge of the kitchen and aware of all allergies/ special dietary requirements
  • Social staff - the staff who take centre stage during every ‘non-hockey moment', they create the social teams who engage and entertain you with awesome games to improve your social skills and boost the team spirit
  • Coaches - the largest group of the staff: our heroes on and off the pitch!
  • 'Night mayors' - the watchful eyes during the night and the go-to contact at night time. Their tasks are performed on the instructions of the Supervisor and Camp Manager
  • Event Manager - the bridge between the camp and the SportWays office, he or she coaches the staff during the week
Our participants are the top priority of our camp staff. Everything revolves around you. The staff is at your service 24/7. Are there any issues or problems? We are here to solve them together. Our camps focus on themes such as respect, safety, trust and positivity. Click here to read more about our 24/7 supervision at our camps.

Internal training
It’s not just the participants who advance their personal skills at our hockey camps. Our camp staff also learn and gain valuable life experience. We attach great importance to personal ambitions and aim for the development of our team. The supervisors - our staff - are trained before the camps start, for example during the three special SportWays training days with themes such as didactic skills for trainers and first aid courses for Supervisors. The Supervisor is the friendly 'camp father or mother' for participants and the point of contact for parents/guardians.

Every supervisor who attends an overnight camp for the first time is invited to the SportWays office for an intake interview. During this interview, we clarify what we expect from staff members and explain the details of our (training) programmes. Getting to know our supervisors well is a responsibility we take seriously. Our supervisors are often former participants at SportWays overnight camps. In order to join the staff as a supervisor, he or she must have a Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG). This document is provided by the Dutch Government. We ask each staff member to provide this certificate before the camp starts.

The supervisors with final responsibility for the camps are appointed a few months prior to the camp and are supervised by SportWays. These staff members have wide experience with camps and have participated in our programmes for several years.
How do we treat our participants and how do we deal with special situations? A safe and pleasant environment
A priority at SportWays is providing a safe and pleasant environment for our participants and staff! Our entire staff and the person with final responsibility (key staff) are present at the camp 24/7. At the night, our ‘night mayors’ will watch over you, and are the go-to contact if you have any questions. Access to the camp locations is restricted and participants are not permitted to leave the site.

Since 2018, we have been in the proud possession of the quality mark “Keurmerk Kindervakanties”. This is an independent quality mark in the Netherlands that applies strict criteria regarding safety, hygiene and quality. In addition, each staff member must sign our 'Ethical Code of Conduct' before joining the camp. The content of this document is addressed and discussed with our staff during various training moments.

An accident, now what?
If a participant is injured during a camp, extensive medical supplies are kept on location. In addition, a physiotherapist visits the camp every day and in case of any doubt, the local GP is consulted. This will always take place in consultation with the parents/guardians. In the event of a serious injury, we will take the child to hospital. A supervisor will always accompany the child. The parents/guardians will always be informed as soon as possible if a participant at a camp needs hospital treatment.
What else do our camps teach you, apart from becoming a better hockey player? A deep dive into new skills
We regularly receive messages from parents informing us about the very positive emotions their children have about our camps. Our camps can give a positive boost to certain personal qualities or skills of our young participants. So why should you consider joining a SportWays camp? We can give you 10 good reasons below!
  • Discover new experiences and step out of your comfort zone
  • Find a new, mind-broadening way to build friendships
  • Boost your life skills, such as respect, independence and communication
  • Grow and develop your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop your social skills set
  • Devise creative solutions in a positive way
  • Participate in sport and outdoor pursuits in the broadest sense of the word
  • Experience the glow of success with less emphasis on the drive to perform
  • Learn how to cooperate and rely on others
  • Share in the feeling of team spirit with a common goal
The image below is taken from a study by ACA Camps. Source: Click on the image for a larger view.

ACA Camps
The most important: what are the experiences of our participants? Experiences
“Our daughter returned home from your camp, spending an amazing time! We wanted to send a big big thank you. She enjoyed the hockey, circus activities and social events. She really misses all of the staff, especially her Tent Mum & Dad and want to come back next year!” Paul & Christina, United Kingdom — Amsterdam Euro Hockey Camp “She had a SUPER week with you guys! Lots of stories with her 4 new friends. Thank you so much!” Anne, Belgium — Antwerpen Hockey Camp “I really want to thank you. To all your staff and coaches for the incredible good time our kids spent at your hockey camp, both player and goalie. Everything was so well organised, everyone was warm-hearted and caring for the kids. The camp really increased their hockey skills. With that much enthusiasm, I guess they will join again next year!” Deirdre, Ireland — Amsterdam Top Hockey Camp “My daughter participated in your camp and I would like to increase the attention given and highlight the quality of your service, as well as the high level of hockey given. She came home delighted!” Julio, Argentina — Amsterdam Elite Hockey Camp “Just dropping you a quick note to say Caoimhe really enjoyed her experience of All Stars. She arrived back to Ireland yesterday full of stories of all the fun things that happened during the week... She also enjoyed the hockey! She had such a good experience she is already wondering when she can return. Many thanks to your wonderful coaches and staff for all their great work.” Juliane, Germany — Amsterdam Hockey Camp “I just wanted to THANK all involved in the Hockey Camp, that my son Josh attended last week. He had a FANTASTIC time, with in his words: All the Coaches being so knowledgeable and able to impart so much information, in a fun way, getting as much out of each of us, every day. The Gala Evening sounded brilliant and Josh already sorting out the dates for next years Amsterdam Hockey Camp!” Julie, Ireland — Amsterdam Drijver Goalie Camp “Many thanks for training and coaching. I have now been selected for England's U16 Girls!” Raph, United Kingdom — Amsterdam Drijver Goalie Camp “Just a quick email to say how much Alexandra enjoyed the Elite camp last week, she was full of praise for everyone and everything they did. It was certainly hard work , she came back exhausted but really really enjoyed every aspect. Although she thought the drills were intense (which she liked), the coaches also made it fun and she learned a lot.” Susie, United Kingdom — Amsterdam Elite Hockey Camp “Can we thank you for the unforgettable time you gave to our son Bas? It is so great to see and hear what he has experienced and learned. On a hockey but also social level.” Rob, The Netherlands — Barcelona Hockey Camp “I would like to thank you how great you are and how easy make things happens, and for our son Ot, was an incredible and unforgettable experience, that for sure, he will never forget, as that week was not only hockey but an exchanging experiences of a friendly group from different countries. Dank U, for the pictures, as there were a huge amount and all of them describe how professional and funny were de Campus in Amsterdam.” Oriol, Spain — Amsterdam Hockey Camp “We want to thank you for the great Goalie camp of last week. Ralph had an awesome time with you & he learned a lot! Compliments to all the staff members, very competent & in particular: very sweet. Super nice feeling to leave our son with you for a whole week next year :)” Niels, The Netherlands — Amsterdam Drijver Goalie Camp “It was for Matteo the "best camp ever". He has really enjoyed it! Thanks to all the staff!” Damien, Belgium — Amsterdam Hockey Camp “Our son Erwan had a great time at SportWays, he enjoyed the week very much and learned a lot: thank you to all the friendly staff members!” Isabelle, France — Amsterdam Top Hockey Camp “You have given our son Luca an unforgettable week. He has even forgotten his illness (diabetes) temporarily. At the moment, this is the greatest gift you can give him. He had lots of fun and got to know nice people. You Dutch are really crazy and great people!!! Many greetings from Luca and see you next year in Amstelveen for the next camp....;-)” Yvonne, Germany — Amsterdam Hockey Camp “Martin is delighted with the camp and has constantly talked about it and has already applied training knowledge. He is constantly telling about the matches of the European Championship and all the coaches and players who worked with him and showed him all the magic of hockey.” Dario, Hongary — Amsterdam Euro Hockey Camp

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