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COVID-19 update

COVID-19 cancellation policy

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to reach out. We will do our best to help you within 24 hours.

I am still a bit worried about planning ahead this summer ...

We totally understand! However, we expect to have another amazing summer with lots of hockey and fun, just like every other year.
Even though summer 2020 was a bit different, we still had a blast. Except for the Barcelona Hockey Camp, all our camps went ahead as planned. We took the necessary precautions, which resulted in zero infections among participants and staff throughout the whole summer​. And we are very proud of that!
The current situation in the Netherlands is very promising. The hockey competition is canceled, but youngsters under 18 years old have no restrictions for playing hockey in the open air. Hockey practice is in full swing, just as our preparations for a wonderful summer!

What happens if COVID-19 still gets in the way?

There are different scenarios that might prevent you from travelling to one of our camps. We explain our policy regarding COVID-19 cancellations below. Three weeks prior to the camp, you can apply for the policy as described below. If you cancel in an earlier stage, our standard policy is in effect. 

We offer you a similar alternative, a voucher worth the paid amount* or a reimbursement of the paid amount* when:

  1. we are forced to cancel the camp; or
  2. you are unable to join the camp because you must self-quarantine upon arrival in the country of the camp.

We reimburse the paid amount* when you have taken out our surrender cancellation risk when:

  1. you are unable to join the camp because of closed borders, either in your country or the country where the camp takes place;
  2. you are forced to cancel the camp because you have tested positive or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive; or
  3. you are unable to join the camp because you must self-quarantine upon arrival back home.

If your cancellation is not related to COVID-19, our standard cancellation policy is applicable. 

*: non-refundable items are excluded from the paid amount. The non-refundable items are the surrender cancellation risk, and travel and accident insurance.